Help / FAQ
  1. What does this site do?
    bookHq searches through online bookstores to get you all their prices at once. Because the actual cost differs depending on shipping and sales tax, BookHq will automatically calculate those costs for you to give you a "total cost" comparison.

  2. How do I use this site?
    Just enter either the title, author or the ISBN # of the book into the search field to obtain the prices from multiple online bookstores.

  3. What is an ISBN#?
    The ISBN# is a 10-digit number that precisely identifies each book. It is typically located on the back of your book above the bar code.

  4. What is the BAMM Club / B&N Advantage?
    Both are clubs which give you access to additional discounts.
    • BAMM Club ( $5/yr, 10% extra discount online and offline
    • Advantage(Barnes&Noble): $25/yr, 10% extra discount online, 10% offline

  5. Why did you use a popup for your newsletter?
    Unfortunately, providing the bookHq service takes resources. (need cash to pay for the server, food.. shelter.. etc..) In addition to helping users like you by providing coupon codes & deals, the newsletter indirectly helps us reduce our costs. This allows us to redirect resources for development & for the server. Imagine, every search you do is equivalent to browsing at 15-16 different bookstores. While a typical user connection is paid on a flat fee basis, a servers' internet connection is paid by the amount of transfer used. It gets expensive. Sign up! Help out! (or as a really dorky saying goes.. "help us help you!")

  6. Book Types & what they mean
    New - a new book. Never used

    Used - a used book, previously owned.

    Remainder - publisher's overstocks. Extra (new) books that were not previously sold before. May have a mark on page to indicate a remainder

    Short Discount - New books, sold at minimal discount to booksellers. Usually a more expensive than other new books.

    Hurt/Markdown - new books, minimal damage (dent,etc in cover), sold at a discount.

  7. What is a collectible book?
    A collectible book is either signed by the author, out-of-print or is a unique book.

  8. Who created bookHq?
    bookHq was created by and moonsake.

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